Photos: Virginia Cafe, Aberdeen, 1960; Sears House “Alhambra,” PSD revolving loan recipient; Mead Building, Yankton; Sweep Hotel, Plankinton

What We Do

Preserve South Dakota’s goal is to provide a range of educational and technical services designed to protect and preserve our South Dakota treasures.  PSD gets its mission and objectives from an experienced board of directors who represent all corners of the state. Day-to-day business and advocacy of the organization is handled by the executive director. Specific programs administered by Preserve South Dakota include:

Advocacy – We maintain contact with state legislators as well as city officials in regard to preservation issues. We strive to educate policymakers about critical issues concerning historic preservation and the economic and environmental advantages of adaptive reuse. We also act as liaison for federal and state preservation initiatives and work within state and local government on laws and zoning regulations that support historic preservation. We also produce a periodic newsletter outlining our agenda, successes and preservation alerts.

Places In Peril – Concerned citizens may nominate endangered properties in their communities to be included on our Places in Peril List. This list is circulated annually to the media and helps bring attention to endangered structures. Awareness typically helps connect funds, investors, and volunteers with the troubled property in hopes it may be saved. Presently there are nearly 60 sites on our list and new ones are continually added. If you would like to nominate a property to our Places in Peril list, download our Places in Peril Nomination Form.

Social Media – Through our online advocacy we maintain an email list of those concerned about South Dakota’s historic treasures. We also keep our supporters up-to-date with current issues through our website and our Facebook page.

Revolving Loan Program – We operate a revolving loan fund available to PSD members who are prepared to undertake rehabilitation work on their home or commercial building. These low-interest loans are offered in order to encourage preservation and economic development. Many homeowners have taken advantage of this program, as has the Historic Homestake Opera House in Lead. More than $500,000 has been loaned out throughout the course of the program. For information on the revolving loan program, download our Loan Information Sheet.  To apply, download our Loan Application Form

Easement Program – We manage an easement program allowing for the dedication and donation of archaeology sites, building facades, and other structures for the purpose of ensuring preservation and proper maintenance for perpetuity. Such a donation allows the property owner to qualify for a tax deduction equal to the appraised value of the easement.