Why Do You Support Preservation?

Supporters of historic preservation may have first been intrigued by the loss of something personal to them: their old elementary school, the church in the center of town, the commercial building that anchored the downtown for a century.  They object to the loss of the building, and so they join the movement to save it.  But, strangely enough, that modest beginning is often an introduction to the larger world of historic preservation, where they learn the truth: it’s not just about one building.  People may become interested in historic preservation because of one building, but they soon learn that preservation is about so much more than that; it’s about economic development, quality of life, community improvement, hometown pride, heritage tourism, and the ultimate in the green movement (reuse that existing building instead of sending it, piece by piece, to the landfill!).  Yes, historic preservation is rewarding for old-building lovers, but the movement as a whole encompasses so much more than old buildings. 

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